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Grinnin’ Jack Speaks the Truth - January 2020

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Hello, Fellow Truth Seekers!

After a little internet sleuthing and some help from you guys, I finally found some people related to Rita Schultes. They’d like to remain anonymous to preserve their privacy, however, I was able to get some information out of one family member. They found the following missing persons flyer among some family things.

Hopefully, this information can help in uncovering what happened to Rita on April 27, 1982. The description could be pivotal in finding photos or other witness accounts. It's gonna be tough finding things from the 80s online, but I have faith in you, truth seekers. Your skills have already helped me with important leads in the search.

Email me at grinninjack@yahoo.com with any information you find on the subject, and I'll feature you in the next zine. If you spread the word, perhaps we’ll find more sources of information on Rita, her jobs and where she may have been when she went missing. We can also work together on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags, #MalCorp, and #WheresRita.

Until next time fellow Truth Seekers,

- Grinnin’ Jack 🙂

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