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Grinnin’ Jack Speaks the Truth - December 2019

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Hello, Fellow Truth Seekers!

Happy Holidays. I hope you’re keeping your loved ones close; 'tis the season to show those you care about how you feel.

Since my November article, Vincent P. sent me an email and an audio clip his grandmother kept from the 1970s. Unfortunately, she has since passed away. The tape is from Colby Richards, his grandmother’s estranged husband and father to her children.

Why is this tape so interesting you might ask? Well because Colby was a contractor working on an extended 18-month contract away from his family when he abruptly went missing 4 months before he was due to return home. Colby’s tape to his wife was the last anyone ever heard from him. He simply disappeared, leaving his wife and children behind with little explanation--only this strange recording.

While sad, it’s not altogether unheard of for a man to leave his family. It’s the circumstances surrounding this 41-year-old family secret. Despite the tapes obvious age, it sounds like it was Colby’s choice and he had either uncovered something radical or perhaps joined a weird commune and was speaking in hyperbole. Either way, it does not sound like a devoted husband and father who left to work for the Malthus Corporation. And just like our “Truth Seeker” muse, Rita Schultes who went missing, the Malthus Corporation is at the center of another strange missing person case.

Email me at grinninjack@yahoo.com with any information you find on the subject, and I'll feature you in the next zine. If you spread the word, perhaps we’ll find more people who have weird connections and more stories to share. We can also work together on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags, #MalCorp, and #WheresRita.

Until next time fellow Truth Seekers,

- Grinnin’ Jack ☺

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